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As a business we have never looked at what other shade sail manufacturers charge for their product but at how much it costs us to make a sail and ship it. The simple formula to arrive at a retail price is ((COST + OVERHEAD)+PROFIT)+DELIVERY = RETAIL. Add to this Do not be greedy and strive to be sure the customer is very happy with the custom made shade sail, cannot fault the quality and is delighted by the attention that we have paid to their needs and the speed of delivery.


In August of 2020, after being in business for 14 years we decided to get price comparisons. to compare ease of getting a quotation and get a sense of customer service. Using the services of a third party Shade Sail manufacturers who appear in Google were approached to obtain a price inclusive of fittings and delivery for a 7.62 M (25ft) square shade sail made from Commercial 95 340 shade cloth or similar.

In the USA request for quote was made to 11 companies of which only five responded, they were Shazeebo, Custom Covers for you,, Tenshon and Backyard City. In the UK we made the same request from another 11 companies with only four providing a quote, they were Solent Sail Shades, Jeckells, SD Sails, Sunshades and Decking.

Observations: Of the 22 shade sail companies' websites only one had an instant quote system, but it was a preliminary, quote based on area, to be verified by further contact. Six had forms to fill out online to which they would respond, only 3 did so and response time was 1, 5 and 7 days! The others were handled by a form email on their site where we provided the specification.

Out of the six that responded the response time was 4 to 11 days. Interestingly 7 of the 9 entered into back and forth email to clarify exactly what we wanted, although our specification was crystal clear, and in those case we finally had a quote after about 10 - 14 days.

Had we been a customer using the Sail Shade World online quote system we would have had the quotation in less than 60 seconds and if we had ordered from that quote we would have had the sail a week later, in half the time that most vendors took to arrive at a price.

The graph: We here show the most significant statistical comparisons Days to Deliver (A), Warranty in years (B), Delivered Price (C) and percentage more of less than our price. We have not named the company on each row but we do have the supporting quotes on file.

Why the price disparity? We compete on quality, customer service and speedy delivery. We can have a 15 warranty on our shade sails because we know they are that good, it has been proven. We have invested heavily in the proprietary, unique to Sail Shade World, Internet technology that is so automated that we probably have the lowest overheads of anyone in our business, these are overheads that we do not have to pass on to the customer.

Our pricing is very fair, of course we make money, but we, unlike others, can handle up to a 1,000 custom made shade sails per month in our large and efficient factory. It is in the volume of orders where we gain our profit. Why other businesses are charging 2 to 3 times as much as we are we do not understand, the comparisons are for identical product!


  • 1.   Spend $50.00 on E-bay for a shade sail that will last as many days
  • 2.   Purchase a boxed product for $200.00 + from a hardware store that might last a couple of years.
  • 3.   The buyer who is sinking steel poles in the ground to support a correctly tensioned shade sail to form a permanent shade that will last for over 15 years.

    Our customers are those in number 3. They realise that a shade sail purchased from Sails Shade World is money well spent.
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