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In order of volume, we make most triangles, then four sided sails, then five sided and then six sided etc. but all need accurate measurements to create the final shape.


  • You will be better able to measure and create your shade sail if you understand how we achieve accurate shapes. Everything is based on the magic properties of the triangle. If you know the 3 sides of a triangle the corner angles are known, but just changing the length of only one side will change all three corner angles, in the attached diagram only A - C was changed but all three angles changed.
    triangle angle variables

  • The dimensions you give us, in the form that we ask for, determines the shape of the sail we will make. If you look at the image below for a four sided sail you will see that A-B-C-D with A - C create a rectangle with four 90 degree corners, but if A - B(2) is used along with B(2) - C the corner angles at both B(2) and C are defined by the new lengths.
    square angle variables
    Customers often provide us with the D - B diagonal and the angles of all the corners but this is completely unnecessary since the dimensions we require create TWO TRIANGLES. As explained above this is all that is required.

  • To illustrate how this works even with complex four sided shapes look at the four sided examples below and you will realise that all can have A,B,C,D and A-C.

    The images we use are only to tell you where you should take your measurements they DO NOT represent the final shape of the sail, as you will now understand. If you are planning a sail with more than four sides it is ESSENTIAL that point B can be joined with all other points so as to create a series of triangles from which we build the shape of the sail. It cannot be connected in a straight line through another point because that would not create the 3 sides of that triangle.
    5 sided diagram
    6 sided diagram
    7 sided diagram
    8 sided diagram

  • Here is an example of how a quotation was filled out for a very large 8 sides shade sail, and below that the resulting sail installed.
    8 sided quote
    8 sided installed
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